Today, my greatest wish is that it had worked.

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The actors by their presence always convince me, to my horror, that most of what I’ve written about them until now is false. It is false because I write about them with steadfast love (even now, while I write it down, this, too, becomes false) but varying ability, and this varying ability does not hit off the real actors loudly and correctly but loses itself dully in this love that will never be satisfied with the ability and therefore thinks it is protecting the actors by preventing this ability from exercising itself.

My Christmas present from Maggie. In April. :DIt’s excellent. <3

My Christmas present from Maggie. In April. :D
It’s excellent. <3

Spring Break could be more exciting.

But most people are away.

And I still have school work to do.





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I thought getting told the amount of acetaminophen in my liver was scary.

but i swear to you it’s not as frightening as tumblr and facebook and going back to school..